Caregiver Matching

お客様がカスタム・ケアプランを承認後、弊社はケアを提供するにふさわしいヘルパーを探します。 クライアントにふさわしいヘルパーを探す弊社のシステムは、多数の要素を考慮に入れます。



次: ケアサービス管理

"In home care services of other establishments, there is no place that is comparable to the light at home. When I fed into someone's home helper, and you know that it is not only for them to work simply, they also have built also the relationship. In the process of deploying them, is done carefully in order to place the staff to match the needs of the patient. I think there is the foundation of the "happy many patients" is what this process. To them, there is a passion and a sincere concern for the elderly."

Kim M., RN, Clinical Case Manager