The Initial Call and Meeting

お客様が地元のライトアットホームオフィスにお電話された瞬間から、わたしたちはお客様とお客様の大切な方への個別性を踏まえたニーズを考え始めます。 最初のお電話時に、わたしたちは簡単な質問(評価シート)をさせていただきます。

次: カスタム・ケアプラン

"Staff of Right at home, very professional. There is understanding for the family, I was very helpful. By special procedures, they gave me so can be contacted at any time. I was surprised to understand light at home sent a helper to the house of the grandparents how quickly, aid is what started. It has a process of finding a helper advanced to meet the needs and personality of my grandparents, they were actually experience it. It was a process very efficient at all."