Our Caregivers Speak

I wanted to thank Right at Home for helping take care of my grandmother after she fell and broke her toe. She had a care taker named Myrial who was absolutely wonderful and took great care of my grandmother during a time where she could not care for herself.
Myrial was attentive, caring, personable and professional. Everything you could ever ask for when needing someone to take care of one of your loved ones.
If we ever need any care taker services in the future, we will not hesitate to contact Right at Home! Thank you!

J. Domalewski

The first client, and I was 89 years old, until she passed away at 92 years old, I will spend together 24 / hour / W with her eventually. , And I thing was let by reading the Bible to her, there is also that it was the director of the choir of the church her​​, we sang the song together.
She, I wanted you love her sing - sang this is me in the funeral of her - "Cross craggy old". When she smelt pull the last moment breath, there were with her I am. It'll never forget that moment, and was the moment very sacred. It was a moment when I wake up that my career so far is now a thing of their own with confidence, This is what, was a way of life that had to face my very.

Karen Stevens, 2009 RightCare Winner

I, it can be seen that by the care for which they are provided, that it is not may be helpful for a happier life of someone, feel is good very unlike until now. That things I learned this "difference" is the greatest reward for me.

Mikole K.

Can be provided according to the personality of such a person in the house of the client, the appropriate care is that the thing itself is an honor every day.
It was awarded the RightCare Award, was that a great honor. This, is that it was not impossible without the presence of the client. I always think of the client first. Rather than working in the hope that awarded prizes and awards, I love this job. This award is special about the same as receiving a smile from the client, what the smile is the evaluation to me of anything else from them.

Patricia, 2008 RightCare Award Runner-Up

I was impressed immediately with a friendly atmosphere and warm the office, to be honest a very frank towards the owner.
And I felt more comfortable at home and very "her". "Helper" that person is not a mere employee. We are a team and family. We and care to each other, we will mindful as well. "She" has become supportive under the circumstances placed us, and encouragement in the knowledge and experience, you by my side at any time.

Angela D.

Helper Right at Home to employment is not regarded as a work simply this. It can be said that the provision of care to improve the quality of life of people who provide care rather and even a great purpose. This is the difference between the other offices.

Barbara G., Director of Marketing & Development at Assisted Living Facility

Right at home, has a high reputation by providing excellent care, that the efforts of even more. In fact, the approach to care of them, we've found to be creative and more owners and staff of Right at Home. A result, it is a great service for our clients.

Kathleen D., RN, BC, CBC, Geriatric Care Manager

In home care services of other establishments, there is no place that is comparable to the light at home. When I fed into someone's home helper, and you know that it is not only for them to work simply, they also have built also the relationship. In the process of deploying them, is done carefully in order to place the staff to match the needs of the patient. I think there is the foundation of the "happy many patients" is what this process. To them, there is a passion and a sincere concern for the elderly.

Kim M., RN, Clinical Case Manager

"We are very happy with Right at Home's services. All is going great, as our caregiver is quite pleasant and always works fast and thorough. Our caregiver is simply amazing and always works with a smile. Right at Home's flexibility of schedule pleases us greatly and we are quite pleased with their services."