Possible Positions

ライトアットホームは、様々な職種の方の応募を行っています。 各々に必要な特定の資格があり、 同様に各々の職種は、責務を持っています。
利用できる職種の仕事が最寄の地域にあるならば、応募するために、わたしたちのJob Opportunities Locatorをご利用ください。

* 職務内容及びその責任範疇は勤務場所により違いがあります。その場所に特有の職務内容説明書とサービスのためにお客様の地元のライトアットホームオフィスと相談してください。

"The first client, and I was 89 years old, until she passed away at 92 years old, I will spend together 24 / hour / W with her eventually. , And I thing was let by reading the Bible to her, there is also that it was the director of the choir of the church her​​, we sang the song together.
She, I wanted you love her sing - sang this is me in the funeral of her - "Cross craggy old". When she smelt pull the last moment breath, there were with her I am. It'll never forget that moment, and was the moment very sacred. It was a moment when I wake up that my career so far is now a thing of their own with confidence, This is what, was a way of life that had to face my very."

Karen Stevens, 2009 RightCare Winner