Where We Care

たとえ、お客様の大切な方がをご自宅を離れ施設に移られたとしても、ライトアットホームはケアを提供することができます。 実際弊社のヘルパーは、いろいろな環境下でケアがご提供できるよう指導管理を受けています。



"Can be provided according to the personality of such a person in the house of the client, the appropriate care is that the thing itself is an honor every day.
It was awarded the RightCare Award, was that a great honor. This, is that it was not impossible without the presence of the client. I always think of the client first. Rather than working in the hope that awarded prizes and awards, I love this job. This award is special about the same as receiving a smile from the client, what the smile is the evaluation to me of anything else from them."

Patricia, 2008 RightCare Award Runner-Up