Right at Home RightCare

ライトアットホーム「RightCare」は、わが社のヘルパーが初めて提供するケアも含みます。 わたしたちの顧客焦点に集められたケア評価内容は、従業員のトレーニング、配置と潜在的賞獲得プログラム、顧客訪問によるモニタリング、顧客満足測定、カスタム・ケアプランとカスタマー・ケア支持などを含みます。

"Can be provided according to the personality of such a person in the house of the client, the appropriate care is that the thing itself is an honor every day.
It was awarded the RightCare Award, was that a great honor. This, is that it was not impossible without the presence of the client. I always think of the client first. Rather than working in the hope that awarded prizes and awards, I love this job. This award is special about the same as receiving a smile from the client, what the smile is the evaluation to me of anything else from them."

Patricia, 2008 RightCare Award Runner-Up